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Welcome to We are very pleased that you have shown interest in our little venture.

Oh, before you dive into placing an order, please note that we are renovating the site a little bit and so, not taking orders over our website right now. But you can always visit our facebook page to see the sarees and place your order.

We are a home based business that primarily sell over the Internet. We get Dhakai Jamdani Sarees from Bangladesh and then make them available for you. We love Dhakai Jamdani sarees and we believe, a bengali lady looks her best in these sarees! So, we decided to make them available for you who are living in the UK or Europe.

jamdani saree being made

We are two very good friends who are partners in this business. Shahadat and Amrita. We both are bengali speaking and naturally have a soft corner for Dhakai Jamdani Sarees. I am Shahadat and my reason of loving Dhakai Jamdani is that this is 100% Bangladeshi. I take pride in them. On the other hand, Amrita who is originally from Kolkata (West Bengal, India) loves wearing (and owning) these magnificent sarees. While talking about, we figured there is a huge market for such sarees. We thought if we started a business, we would be able to help many ladies who would love to have these sarees. So, we said…”shall we?” And bang! You have London Saree House at your service.

We are primarily Internet based. We do visit some Mela and gatherings of that sort when it suits us. But both of us have other full time employment; so we do not spend too much time on this (for now). What that also means is that, you will not be able to visit us. Rather, browse through our sarees and purchase the one you want.